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"Highly Recommend"

Raymond was everything that you could want in a repair person.  My AC went out on one of the hottest day of the year.  Raymond came out on a Sunday morning in order to fit me into his schedule.  Raymond's communication was great, he was on time and worked efficiently. I highly recommend RC Heating and Cooling.

Dee C.
      "Our Go-To"

      This guy was amazing.  He came out the same day, 98 degrees and rising to do a diagnostic, and was totally willing to do any work that needed to be done.  After doing his diagnostic he determined that we needed a new unit.  He was on hold trying to get pricing and inventory but had other jobs to do, he told me that he would call me as soon as he got answers, in fact, he would contact my landlord and contact me with an appt if the landlord approved the repair.  Ray gave me a call back within about 30 minutes with an appointment available for the next day.  He was super knowledgeable, reasonably priced, fast, efficient, prompt, and super friendly.  I will not call anyone, he will definitely be our go-to.

      L'Nira M.

      I called Ray today (on Mother's Day Sunday) and asked if he could come out tomorrow.  He said he was booked until Wednesday, but that he could come out in about two hours!  Wow! Yay!

      Between diagnosis, going to get parts, and doing the new fan motor installation I think he spent maybe 2 1/2 or 3 hours with us.  He charged us the cost of parts plus the amazingly low price of $70 for labor! I paid him an extra $75.  This is our second repair call with Ray.  Last time about a year and a half ago, it was also on a weekend..he fixed the problem and only charged a total of $35.  Paid him extra that time too.

      If you live in the Vacaville area, don't hesitate to call Ray for any A/C problems! He's a nice guy, knows his business, and his prices are crazy good.

      Richard B.
      "Totally Awesome!"

      This company is totally awesome! The owner and brother both worked on our AC and furnace. Now we finally have nice cold air! He also gave us an unbeatable price. Put it this way my neighbor paid a few thousand more!! Highly recommend!!

      Maria C.

      Ray installed a new Guardian AC unit today in my new home and I must say what a great job he did! The previous AC was not blowing cold air and needed to be replaced and Ray was able to come to do the repairs within a week. Very professional, reasonable pricing, and knowledgeable on HVAC! 10/10 would recommend them! Thank you RC Heating and Cooling!

      Camille L.
      "Reasonable & Honest"

      Wow. Wow. Wow! The first reasonable and honest HVAC service person that I've met. Imagine getting a mechanic that pulls up Craigslist and eBay to show you exactly how much the part you need actually would cost, then giving you a flat rate for whatever part you decide to go with. That's how I feel Ray is. No BS, here's your problem, here's what you need, here's what it'll cost. Go ahead and TRY to get a better price. Would highly recommend them 1,000 times over.

      Andy V.
      "Friendly & Professional"

      I called this morning to see if I could get a tech out to look at my AC unit that quit working. Ray answered the phone and was out 2 hours later and had me back up and running by noon. Very friendly and professional. The cost of repairs was very reasonable! I would definitely recommend this company to do work on your HVAC systems.

      Ken G.
      "Definitely Recommend"

      Great service and response time.  Raymond was very knowledgeable and took care of our issues within 24 hours of calling.  Definitely recommend.

      Sandra G.
      "Very Courteous"

      I called Raymond at 7 am this morning because my AC died last night and it was forecast to be 111 today in Vacaville and well over 100 for the next 10 days.  He came out the same day, diagnosed the issue just by talking to me, and fixed it within 30 minutes. He and his son were very courteous.  The price was reasonable. I highly recommend Raymond.  Honesty in this industry can be hard to find.

      Teresa S.
      "Real Professional"

      Before contacting RC Heating and Cooling I had the misfortune of recently having a defective a/c condenser installed. Upon realizing the condenser was defective this installer wanted to charge me for a  complete total a/c system replacement for about 3 times the cost of his installed defective condenser.

      I decided to look for another installer and finally contacted Ray, the owner of RC Heating and Cooling, who assured me on the phone that I only needed the condenser replaced and not the entire a/c system. He came by the same day to check on my a/c problem.  We ordered the new condenser and replaced the defective condenser the following day.  And at a more competitive total cost than the prior installer who had attempted to install a previous owner and defective condenser.  I can't say enough how satisfied I am with Ray's honesty and professional work ethic.  I have several house rentals in Vacaville and Ray is the first HVAC installer that has not tried to upsell me on a/c repair work.  Ray is more than fair, he is truly a man of his word and he is a real professional.

      Joe R.
      "Very Accommodating"

      Our AC unit was not blowing cold air and since it was a long weekend, it was hard to get in touch with businesses. Ray was very accommodating, friendly, and professional. He will be our go-to for future AC or Heating problems. He explained what the problem was in our AC unit and answered our questions patiently. Thank you, Ray! Now we can sleep comfortably tonight.

      Monet A.
      "Extremely Knowledgeable"

      Ray is our go-to for anything HVAC related. Honest, hard-working, and EXTREMELY knowledgeable, we discussed a wide variety of options for heating and cooling my home. He was even able to educate me on configuring multiple zones into my HVAC system...which delivered in a major way to increasing the comfort in our home. I asked about a variety of options and procedures, at each step Ray took the time to talk about the cost-effective solutions and lay out the price points for any options I was interested in. At the end of the project, I replaced my old AC and heating unit (30+ years old) and had the zoning system installed all for almost 60% of what a new system alone would have cost from the bigger companies. Call Ray and let him give you an estimate. The best move you'll ever make.

      Ryan E.
      "Very Reasonable"

      During this heatwave of Aug 2020, we noticed on a late Friday evening that our AC was not shooting out cool air.  My husband naturally looked things up and tried to do some simple fixes.  He noticed the air would come out of the vents but the fan was not working on the unit.  I promptly looked up in the Nextdoor app for HVAC recommendations.  Needless to say, we dealt with the heat and tried to sleep that night.  First thing in the morning we called Ray (like when he opened at 7 am) and he answered, was super friendly, asked us a few questions, and squeezed us into his schedule for a noon - 1 pm appt window.  That worked perfectly for us since we had morning plans.  Ray gave us a courtesy text when he was on the way.  And he came right at noon.  I must say, he is professional, knowledgeable, and skilled! He took one look at our unit and knew what the problem was.  He easily fixed the problem!  To be honest, I didn't know what to expect.  This was the first time I experienced this.  I was so afraid of the cost.  But Ray was really honest and upfront after asking us a few questions.  And his pricing is very reasonable.  If you are looking for someone who is reliable and honest, please reach out to Ray at RC Heating and Cooling.  I cannot thank him enough for putting in the work to fix our AC in 100+ degree weather.

      Viclaire S.
      "Super-Skilled Professional"

      Taking pride in your work and being a super-skilled professional really shows! Our AC went out late Saturday evening & was fixed by lunch the next the thick of a heat wave! After these guys had worked late in the heat the night before!! They came on their day off too...totally saving our family the day before school (via distance learning) starts. After troubleshooting over the phone he had a good idea of what part needed replacing. Sure enough, he was right. I really appreciated him showing and explaining it all to me too. Quick, efficient, responsive, and knowledgeable. Plus their initial cost to come out was half the price of a local competitor who wasn't going to be able to make it out to even look until Tuesday. We also enrolled in their awesome no-contract service plan. Seriously cannot say enough great things about this company!

      Jennifer R.

      Ray is awesome. Our ac unit outside wasn't turning on. Called him this morning and he came out and fixed it in 5 minutes. I highly recommend Ray!

      Erica B.
      "Kindness & Responsiveness"

      Our AC was on but no cool air in the house. We were miserable inside the house with 90 degrees all day. We called around and could not get hold of anyone except RC Heating and Cooling. The time when we called Ray was just around the corner from our house. He showed up in the next 15 minutes. He found out it was just the electrical fuse for the AC unit wasn't turned on. He just turned it back on and our AC is back to service in no time. He did not charge us anything for this quick service. We are so thankful for his kindness and responsiveness. We will call RC Heating and Cooling for all future issues and maintenance. Thank you so much, Ray.

      Esther B.

      Raymond is fantastic! He was able to come to check out our AC unit on the same day of the call! He was professional, friendly and was able to figure out what was wrong quickly. He was able to complete repairs and now our house is cool again compared to the 90 degrees + that it was. Very reasonable pricing! I would definitely recommend RC heating and cooling first to anyone looking for professional outstanding service!

      Leilani D.

      I have had Ray out several times, with for my home as well as my business. He is knowledgeable, friendly, prompt, and professional. I recommend him constantly at my salon because I feel he's as trustworthy as they come and would never take advantage of our clients. His pricing has always been more than fair.

      Kerrie N.
      "Very Honest"

      Our A/C was not blowing air last night and we checked the unit outside and realized the fan was not running. We started calling around 7 am and got answering services from most companies. Those that answered would only schedule an appointment for tomorrow or Monday. I called RC Heating and Ray answered the phone. He was very empathetic and made available to come out and inspect our unit. He diagnosed it within minutes and explained what was going on. He was very honest. He explained he was in route to a scheduled repair and will come back after that repair. It's hard to find good people who run good businesses with excellent customer service. We are getting out repairs done today (Saturday) and will recommend RC Heating to all those who ask for a reference. Thank you RC Heating for caring about your community.

      Shan G.
      "Fast Service"

      Stop scrolling and call this guy right now. In 103-degree weather and 91 degrees in our house,  I called today, he came out today and he fixed our AC TODAY! OMG, I can't give this company enough stars. Professional, honest pricing, and fast service.

      Amanda G.